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Our Team

Last modified: March 26th, 2020

Nick Clark Vermont Advisor

Nick grew up in Vermont and works as a freelance web developer. He serves the Vermont Progressive Party as an At-Large member of the Coordinating Committee and Chair of the National Outreach Committee. He holds an elected nonpartisan seat on the Thetford Selectboard, where he serves as Chair.

Gabija Kertenyte Human Relationships Director

Gabija lives in New Jersey, where she has been serving as our Human Relationships (HR) Director. She volunteered for Bernie's 2020 presidential campaign in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In college, she studied history and was primarily involved with on campus labor organizing.

James (Robbie) Ballard LGBT+ Representative

James lives in Kentucky. He's a member of the LGBT+ community and has been working on grassroots activism for the past several years, helping bring people together to create a national progressive infrastructure. He's an avid supporter of Bernie's policy platform, and believes the best way to honor his candidacy is with a national effort embodies those ideals.

Akua Ajayi Tafari Walters Political Outreach Director

Akua is a born and raised Jamaican. He has organized for various political parties in the Caribbean and is heavily involved in the Fight for net neutrality through his affiliation with the Internet Society. He continues to fight to organize labor and various Progressive groups into one united front in the fight against corporatism.

Derek A. Reuter Organizational Development Director

Derek lives in Indiana. In the field of both activism and art, over 20 years of experience in the management of not-for-profits, event production, and creative industries. He is a champion and visionary for environmental sustainability, social justice, cooperative organizational models, and artistic expression. An administrative expert in organizational design and sought after advisor on the topics of strategic and operational planning.

Faiza Tajammul Technology Director

Faiza lives in California. She designs & develops software solutions that help organizations in their digital transformation and improve user experience. She believes that advancements in technology are vital for social development. She is passionate about public policies that reduce economic inequality, support universal healthcare, provide clean energy and oppose coporate influence on the democratic process.

Gregory Karr Organizing Director

Gregory has been organizing for progressive action for roughly a decade. As an organizer for Occupy Columbia, SC, Bernie 2016, Bernie 2020, and various other progressive campaigns and causes, he has fully committed himself to the fight for justice in all its forms. He is originally from South Carolina, but has organized in various states over the years. He is determined to see the South organized in strong progressive action.

Carter Neubieser Vermont Advisor

Carter has served as the Elections Director for the Vermont Progressive Party and is an alum of Bernie Sanders' 2018 and 2020 campaigns. He managed two city council campaigns in Burlington, both ousting Democratic incumbents by wide margins. He was drawn to the Progressive Party because of it's ability to strategically run leftwing third party candidates, and actually win.